Triumph Renown Razoredge – Wedding Hire

Nothing gives us greater pleasure is offering to you this wonderful British manufactured car of the early fifties.

It hails from Denbighshire in Wales in 1954. The Triumph Renown followed on from the Triumph 1800, and 2000 built just after the war in 1946. There was a good supply of aluminum after the war when production switched from building planes, so this metal was used on the body panels of the car.

The chassis built by Triumph in Coventry, and the coach body supplied by Mulliners of Bordesley Green Birmingham.

Unfortunately this would be Triumphs’ first and only limousine our example dates from 1954 the last year of production and benefits from the longer chassis.

Car fashion is changing all time and Razoredge designed this car known as the baby Bentley to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley with comfortable deep leather seats and comfortable a ride. Razoredge design specifically rebels against the adoption of rounded design shapes which were being increasing adopted by the other car manufacturers at the time.